Looking for a ticket for Tokyo Olympic Games 2020?


Olympic Ticket dot JP is a ticketing agent in Japan specialized in reserving tickets for Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.







One Stop Service for Your Trip to Japan

In addition to the tickets, we handle air tickets and hotels as well.


High Chance to Get Your Olympic Tickets

As we operate with many staff in Japan, the chance to get tickets is high.


Reasonable Pricing

The tickets will be reasonably priced as they are sold in auction.


English Speaking

Unlike other travel agents in Japan, Olympic Ticket dot JP can communicate in English.

 How it works?

Reservation Period: Until mid December, 2018.

Reservation Fee: 100,00USD (non-refundable)

Auction: From January, 2019.


A person who pay the reservation fee can participate the auction for a ticket. The winner of the auction pays the contract price and get the ticket.



Process to get a ticket

1. Pay 100.00USD per one ticket as a reservation fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Process to get ticket for Tokyo Olympic 2020

2. Confirmation email is delivered to you.

Process to get ticket for Tokyo Olympic 2020

3. The auction for the ticket starts about 3 month after ticket sales begins.

Process to get ticket for Tokyo Olympic 2020

4. Ticket is delivered to the winner of the auction, after we confirm the payment.

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